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Fight With the Right Move

The Kolmachine Academy begins combat

to exclusion in Sport, with the

Fight With the Right Move Project

The Kolmachine Academy, in partnership with the *Movimento 1 Euro* Association, will
allow all those responsible, collaborators and students, to contribute
actively, for the social cause of Inclusive Sport. We will, together, create
conditions, so that all those who have intellectual, physical and/or
are in a fragile socioeconomic situation, can have access to the activity

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This project has the active collaboration of Mmovement 1 Euro, which is a non-profit association, creator of a civic movement that aims to unite, mobilize and guide the wishes of civil society, with the aim of filling our country's shortcomings in various areas, from the economy, to health, to the environment environment, culture and education (





Strengthen the solidarity culture in Portugal, mobilizing people and companies for social causes.

A country united and mobilized for social contribution.


We are focused on social needs and take an interventionist stance in the search for support solutions.



We base our conduct on the decency, clarity and rectitude of our actions.



We act with the utmost interest in all social problems.



We provide all the information about everything we do



Engage and Mobilize Portuguese society, eliminating obstacles to solidarity

Educate and Train for solidarity as ways of preparing the future and making a culture of solidarity sustainable


Promote and give visibilityto causes, institutions and benefactors. In addition to helping to raise funds for causes, we will do everything we can to promote the work of the institutions and give visibility to those who help.


All this with…


Energy It isResilienceof our teams.


We will do everything to make Portugal a more supportive and socially balanced country


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Within the scope of inclusive sport, Kolmachine donates x hours, for young people in need or with disabilities (motor, mental, intellectual or sensory) to practice sports.


The Kolmachine Academy gives its students the possibility to actively participate in this
project, through a donation of 1 euro or more per month, with the commitment of all
months, DOUBLE the total amount raised (Co-responsibility/ Legitimation of the act


Believing that together we change the world

Fight With the Right Move Event

The Kolmachine Academy, during the year 2024, will hold a sporting event, which
may include the organization of a Solidarity Combat, the proceeds of which will benefit the
cause Inclusive Sport.

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